Monday, 1 December 2014

A stripey No-Co

With the onset on warmer weather, I decided on a whim that I needed some lightweight summer dresses. I thought about the patterns I had and decided finally on a mish mash of the Nettie and the Coco. The Nettie is sexy, but it is made with negative ease and is tighty tight… and that’s not what I want on a hot summers day. The Coco on the other hand is a little roomier, but I wanted it a tad more fitted, and with less of a drastic A lined skirt. My No-Co (as in not a coco, but a little bit a N-ettie), is a completely altered Coco with Nettie tendencies.

I started by altering the side seams to be more fitted, coming in an additional 1 ½ inches on each side. I also curved the seam in beneath the hip, making the A line a little less wide. Hmm, what else? I scooped out the neck, and chopped the sleeves to make them short. To be honest, most of the modifications were done because the parsimonious part of me didn’t want to part with more than $30 on this make. The fabric wasn’t too expensive ($25 a metre), but I thought I could get a simple summer dress out of a metre despite the Coco requirements saying I needed 2 metres. I’m a bit stubborn like that – I always think I can make it work with the smallest meterage! I do admit I have had to abort sewing projects due to my frugal fabric purchases, but I never learn.

Stripe matching like a boss.

There are a few things that irk me about this dress: Firstly I didn’t have enough fabric to match the stripes as well as I would have liked at the armscyes. Secondly the sleeves, while I have now come to like the length were as long as they possibly could be, as is the length of the dress. I had to compromise between the length of the dress and the length of the sleeves…. I think I did ok but I’m not entirely sure. I also didn’t have any fabric left over to make a neck binding… and I really did want to finish the neck line off with one (like the Nettie). Instead I was forced to turn over the neck line, sleeves and skirt hem and finish them off with a simple straight stitch.


I’m still not the greatest at finishing these edges (hence probably why I like the Nettie’s overlocked neck binding) – I did attempt a twin stitch, and also a zig zag as I was worried I might pop these straight stitches (you should see the hem of my two ponte mini’s).  I ended up unpicking these other attempts and went back to my original option of a slightly longer straight stitch.

Hello Dalmatian - whatcha looking at?

I have worn this dress out multiple times now. It is such a summery classic. Guess what though? - I did pop the hem stitches the other night while pulling this dress over my head. Bugger! I guess I really should perfect finishing hems (or take a little more care undressing?)
'Til next time lovely sewing friends. x